Presenting the Academy for Research on Ageing

The Academy for Research on Ageing ("Akademie für Altersforschung am Haus der Barmherzigkeit", AAF) is an independent association founded in 2002. AAF is located at the Haus der Barmherzigkeit (HB), one of the leading providers of long term care in Austria. Through this close cooperation AAF has access to about 1500 clients and patients cared for by the HB in 2 long-term care hospitals, 4 aged care facilities, 18 facilities for assisted living and 4 day care centres.

AAF’s research and development experience includes:

  • Requirements analysis of ICT-based solutions (e.g. AAL, robotics) for the elderly living at home or being institutionalised (e.g. nursing homes)
  • Evaluation studies of ICT-based solutions: pilot studies, field trials (in institutionalised settings or in home settings), randomised controlled trials, with the aim to assess utility, usability, user experience, acceptance, impact on cognitive and physical health status, abilities of daily living and Quality of Life.
Akademie für Altersforschung
Naemi Luckner