Presenting ILOGS

Founded in 2005, ILOGS is one of the leading ICT companies in Austria focusing on AAL and eHealth. ILOGS develops innovative IT solutions for professional care-givers and offers with its open eHealth platform MOCCA 360° e-health services for elderly people living at home. With years of experience in mobile social services and stationary care processes ILOGS now focuses on active assisted living. In the centre of the system is the customer who needs either professional care within a stationary facility or care services at home. Within the project Way-Key, ILOGS delivers outstanding mobile technology for people with moderate dementia. With more than 100.000 clients (patients) in Europe, ILOGS has excellent access to the target customers and can therefore work closely together with early adopters.


Walter Liebhart

Walter is owner and managing director of ILOGS and responsible for the eHealth division in ILOGS. In 1998 Walter got a doctoral degree (PhD) in Applied Informatics from University Klagenfurt, did research and teaching at several universities and was later responsible for building up an international workflow team for a world leading financial institution in Switzerland. In 2005 he founded ILOGS. His vision is a 360° coverage of people living at home, integrating relatives, social environment and professional care organizations with modern ICT.


Stefan Plattner

Stefan is the leading software architect of ILOGS and is expert for mobile applications since 1999. He and his team work on the design and implementation of modern AAL solutions. Stefan is project leader of several international R&D projects and responsible for the architecture and implementation of the new ILOGS AAL solution JAMES.

Naemi Luckner